A STEM-Architecture that is 
Integrated “from the ground up”





TESCAN is taking STEM
to a new level of performance.


Building a 4D-STEM architecture from the ground up, and integrating state-of-the-art components, we are exceeding expectations of some of the most reputable experts in the world of TEM developments and applications.

TESCAN TENSOR’s performance attributes

Integrated Direct
Electron Detection (DED)


TESCAN TENSOR takes full advantage of the integration of a high-performance, hybrid-pixel, direct electron diffraction camera (Dectris Quadro). This camera is ideally suited for precession-assisted 4D-STEM applications, thanks to its high dynamic range, large size, and fast read-out speed.


Hear from the experts in hybrid-pixel X-ray and Electron detectors why integration is key when extracting the maximum performance from direct electron (diffraction) detectors 

Learn more about the DECTRIS QUADRO Diffraction Camera HERE

Dectris Quadro, a direct electron diffraction camera ideally suited for precession-assisted 4D-STEM applications.

Electron Diffraction (PED)

Precession Electron Diffraction (PED) enhances the information that can be obtained from electron
diffraction patterns.

  • PED supports the matching of acquired diffraction patterns with templates from kinematical diffraction modelling, by averaging out the effects of dynamical scattering.
  • PED enhances the imaging of higher order reflections, by rocking Ewald’s sphere through more of the reciprocal space.

Electron beam precession is challenging to implement on conventional (S)TEM platforms, due to the legacy of architectures designed for TEM applications. Not so with TESCAN TENSOR, where a fast (up to 72 kHz), automated, electron nanobeam precession capability is firmly integrated. Learn more about Precession Electron Diffraction.

 Tensor-alt-texts-221102_final Tensor-alt-texts-221102_final 100% 12 To enable screen reader support, press ⌘+Option+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press ⌘slash      		 A visual showing the enhanced information obtained from precession electron diffraction patterns. Turn on screen reader support


Click HERE for an animation of Electron Beam Precession and the effect it has  on the Diffraction Pattern

Analytical 4D-STEM


TESCAN TENSOR acquires STEM EDX elemental maps or tomograms at high speed due to its large, 2 steradian solid detection angle. And uniquely, 4D-STEM scanning diffraction data acquisition can be synchronized with EDS acquisition.

4D-STEM data analysis and processing platforms do not currently use this feature, but we anticipate these platforms will evolve to leverage this capability for 4D-STEM measurements that are inconclusive when using diffraction or spectroscopy data alone.

Two symmetrically arranged, large, windown-less EDS detectors, used for Analytical STEM applications.

Near Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV)


UHV engineering is a TESCAN competency, evident in our surface analysis (UHV FIB/SEM) solution NanoSpace. TESCAN TENSOR maintains a near-UHV vacuum of 10-6 Pa in the sample area, which practically eliminates hydrocarbon sample contamination in the residual column vacuum. 

Optimized for Medium Electron Beam Landing Energy


TESCAN TENSOR measurements are optimized for a medium electron beam acceleration voltage. This allows electrons more time to interact with the sample, resulting in enhanced electron scattering contrast (dark field image contrast), larger X-ray yield resulting in higher EDS count rates, and lower knock-on damage to protect electron dose sensitive samples.

Integrated Beam Blanking


Synchronization of Scanning with Diffraction Imaging, EDS Acquisition and Electron Beam Precession is aided by a fast (1 MHz), integrated electrostatic beam blanker.


TESCAN TENSOR also excels in the wide range of STEM, 4D-STEM and Tomography measurements integrated in the system, accessible quickly also by novel users without exhaustive training and experience in (S)TEM operational procedures. Explore by clicking any of the links below.


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