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Optimizing Semiconductor Failure Analysis: The Power of Combining Laser Ablation and Xe Plasma FIB-SEM

Unlocking the full potential of stand-alone ps-laser ablation combined with Plasma FIB-SEM makes fast and accurate failure analysis in microelectronic devices easier than ever before. Learn how to maximize productivity with simultaneous, continuous system operation in our latest paper!

First page of a scientific paper about optimizing Semiconductor Failure Analysis.

As semiconductors advance, IC Packaging Failure Analysis labs face unparalleled challenges. Addressing complex Semiconductor Failure Analysis demands, evolving package architectures, shrinking features, and the emergence of exotic and sensitive materials is a formidable task. Meanwhile, global semiconductor companies race to develop state-of-the-art chips, packages, and chiplets for sophisticated communication devices and versatile consumer electronics.

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Transforming Sustainable IC Packaging Failure Analysis with Cutting-Edge TESCAN Solutions

Sustainable IC Packaging Failure Analysis hinges on diverse expertise and an extensive range of non-destructive and destructive procedures provided by FA tools. TESCAN supports its customers with innovative solutions, including non-destructive micro-CT failure analysis applications, Plasma FIB-SEM SOLARIS X, and the Large Volume Workflow, which combines Laser Ablation and Plasma FIB-SEM technology seamlessly. 

Furthermore, TESCAN works together with European partners as part of FA4.0, a project seeking to establish a more fluent failure analysis workflows among numerous failure analysis instruments, and data management for the digitalization of failure analysis laboratories in microelectronics. Find out more about FA4.0 in our Insights Section!

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Use the synergy of Plasma FIB-SEM, a stand-alone laser, and other FA tools for millimeter-scale sample preparation and analysis.

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