Unleash the Full Potential
of Your Samples
with TESCAN Micro-CT
Systems: UniTOM XL and

Discover the most versatile micro-CT systems available in the market, providing exceptional resolution, high throughput, and optimal image quality for multi-scale analysis, from module to electrode.

TESCAN's micro-CT systems offer up to 11 degrees of freedom, allowing scanning of large samples using intricate scanning geometries. Our intuitive VOIs™ scanning workflow, informed by overview scans, offers a comprehensive multi-scale approach that delivers insights at both centimeter and micrometer levels.

With high temporal resolution scanning, each scan takes just a few seconds, enabling high throughput scanning of multiple samples. Our systems offer true dynamic micro-CT, allowing real-time and 3D observation of processes - or as we call it, 4D - for unparalleled insights into sample behavior. By optimally integrating all major micro-CT components, we ensure the best image quality in the shortest scan times. This makes micro-CT analysis a crucial step in the TESCAN battery workflow.

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Key Benefits of TESCAN Micro-CT Systems 

Non-Destructive Characteri-zation


Obtain detailed information about internal structure of the whole batteries in no time.

Comprehen-sive Volume Analysis

Mask Group 3-1

Leverage multi-scale approach that delivers insights at both centimeter and sub-micrometer levels.

of Samples


Study complete battery systems or single components with maximum throughput.

High-Throughput Analysis

Mask Group 5

Obtain valuable micro-CT data at unprecedented speed.

User-Friendly Interface

Mask Group 4

Simplify your data collection process with user-friendly controls.

Multi-Scale VOIs™ Workflow


Make detailed scans only from areas that matter.

Experience the Full Range of Benefits with TESCAN Micro-CT Systems

  • Ensure Maximum Battery
    Cell Quality:
    Quickly perform non-destructive, large-scale inspections of the entire battery after electrode winding/stacking, cell assembly, and electrolyte filling. Examine electrode alignment, overhang, current collector connections, and casing quality.
  • Prevent Battery Capacity Fade with Defect Detection:
    Identify contamination, large-scale voids, cracking, and delamination in assembled and/or cycled cells. Utilize the multi-scale correlative capabilities of TESCAN’s VOIs™ workflow for detailed defect analysis. 

  • Enhance Battery Performance:
    Conduct sub-micron resolution studies of electrode porosity, interconnectivity, and particle size distribution within mm-scale volumes of battery material.
  • Support Failure Analysis and Extend Battery Lifespan: 
    Conduct dynamic in-situ cycling experiments on batteries and monitor physical and degradation processes
    in real-time. 
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