Micro-CT Solutions
for Fast, Versatile
and High-Quality Battery

High-Throughput Micro-CT Solutions for Efficient Data Acquisition and Accurate Reconstruction

In battery development, it is crucial to evaluate battery cells as they come from the pilot line. Fast, non-destructive imaging for detailed quality assurance of these battery cells requires high-throughput, high resolution and versatility in micro-CT scanning. To meet the demands of the different pilot battery designs and their resulting products, the micro-CT must also accommodate large samples as well as high numbers of samples.

TESCAN UniTOM XL enables rapid 3D scanning of complete cell batches within seconds or minutes for high efficiency screening of large sample quantities.

Optimized Acquisition Trajectories for Superior Image Quality in Various Sample Geometries

TESCAN's micro-CT systems offer up to 11 degrees of freedom, allowing a variety of scanning trajectories to optimize acquisition for different sample shapes and types. Special scanning regimes are implemented to eliminate cone–beam artifacts present at the top and bottom edges of cylindrical cells.

Integration of helical or stacked acquisition trajectories enables high-quality investigation of anode overhangs and other horizontal features in battery cells. TESCAN's Extended Cone Beam CT™ ensures artifact-free reconstructions of flat and dense samples. By utilizing offset scanning or tiling the detector, the horizontal field of view can be doubled to scan large samples or maximize the analyzed volume with small voxel sizes.

Anode overhang study in cylindrical battery via micro-CT

Revealing the Smallest Details with Micro-CT’s Sub-Micron Resolution

With an advanced nano-focused X-ray source, precise stages, and high-quality detectors, our micro-CT system achieves a spatial resolution down to 600 nm. Our integration of technologies enables detailed analysis of battery materials and inner structures at the sub-micron level.

Smartly synchronization of all hardware and software components, produces datasets at ultimate resolution, obtained with impressive speed.

Download Our Application Note about Micro-Porosity Measurement
Graphite anode porosity investigation with micro-CT

Volume of Interest Scanning (VOIs™) for Multi-Scale Analysis on Intact Cells

TESCAN VOIs™ simplifies multi-scale analysis to just a few clicks. Full cells can be scanned at high quality within minutes, allowing for the localization of defects such as high- or low-density inclusions, electrode delamination or cracking, and other features of interest.

The absolute coordinate system inside TESCAN’s micro-CT scanners, together with the integrated micro-positioning stage, enable easy pinpointing of these areas on reconstructed datasets for automatic repositioning and increased magnification.

TESCAN VOIs™ facilitates fast multi-scale inspection of all major components with excellent resolution and image quality. It’s as simple as 1 – 2 – Scan.

Download Our Technical Note about Volume of Interest Scanning
3D lithium-ion battery reconstruction from micro-CT data
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