Leverage Automated
Mineralogy with
for Rapid
Characterization of Raw
Battery Materials

TESCAN TIMA is a leading solution for automated mineralogy – a specific form of texture-centric particle analysis, designed for rapid EDS data and image collection, focused on phase analysis. Suitable for both particle and bulk samples, its high throughput is enhanced by the capability to connect to four EDS detectors. A hallmark of TIMA's automated mineralogy prowess is its precision in identifying phases from subtle X-ray spectra by merging spectra from single phase grain. This results in a sum spectrum that's not only easier to recognize but also optimal for quantifying both major and low abundance elements. With the data and reports from TESCAN TIMA, battery recycling facilities can optimize the efficiency of their processes the same way it is common in mineral processing plants.

With the data and reports from TESCAN TIMA, battery researchers can determine...With its state-of-the-art software, TESCAN TIMA delivers insights like modal representation and grain/particle size, and the liberation degree linked to the amenability to processing. It excels in identifying and quantifying how elements are distributed among various phases – termed elemental deportment. This capability is crucial for refining ore processing plants, offering insights into possible causes of elemental losses.

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Benefits of TESCAN TIMA Automated Mineralogy
for Battery Research 

High Level
of Automation

Mask Group 2-1

Collect all data without the need for user interaction.

High Throughput

Mask Group 5-2

Obtain particle sizes, phase distribution at unprecedented speed.

Low Detection Limits


Reveal the lithium-bearing phases within the processed material.

High Number of Analyzed Samples

Mask Group 6-1

The spacious chamber accommodates over 40 samples.

Customization and Versatility


Enhance your analytical potential by adding Raman spectroscopy and wide range of contrast methods to the TIMA system.

Precise Phase Identification


Explore elemental distribution across mineral phases or components.

Features that set TESCAN TIMA apart from other solutions

Raw Materials Insights with TESCAN TIMA

  • Lithium Phase Analysis:
    Uncover which phases host lithium and other essential elements in the ore and quantify them with unmatched precision. 
  • Liberation Degree Mastery:
    Understand the liberation degree of lithium-rich minerals and harness this knowledge for optimal process enhancement. 
  • Ore Particle Categorization:
    Analyze and classify ore particles to optimize the beneficiation process and maximize yield.
  • Value Identification:
    Spot potentially valuable byproducts of lithium ore processing, such as tin and tantalum minerals.

Recycling Insights with TESCAN TIMA

  • Black Mass Analysis:
    Decipher the intricate compositional and textural diversity of black mass. 
  • Residue characterization:
    Efficiently characterize solid residues post black mass chemical processing.  
  • Cathode Material Quantification:
    Dive deep into the black mass characterization and quantify various cathode materials like NMC, LFP, and more. 
  • Loss Investigation:
    Delve into the root causes of recycling losses and enhance efficiency with TESCAN TIMA data insights.
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