Improve Efficiency in Battery Materials Characterization with UHR SEM

Discover Essence™ Image Snapper, our automated imaging feature tailored for rapid, repeatable, project-based and fully automated panorama stitching and imaging of battery materials.

Combined with the full power of Essence™ Python scripting via SharkSEM, programming routine tasks will align seamlessly with your battery quality control goals.


Unveil Unprecedented Detail in Battery Materials with UHR SEM

Use BrightBeam™ Field-Free UHR Technology for the effortless examination of battery materials' morphology, composition, and structure. With our ultra-high-resolution imaging performance, confidently analyze metallic, magnetic, non-conductive, charging, and beam-sensitive samples and obtain accurate results, even at low keV. Experience exceptional surface sensitivity at the nanoscale.

Reveal the Hidden Features in Battery Materials with UHR SEM

Acquire comprehensive information about cathode material phases utilizing enhanced surface sensitivity. Our innovative technology enhances visibility, facilitating the identification of downhole features and displaying material contrast, topography, or both in a single image.

Additionally, you will benefit from a unique design that features our Multidetector, which collects electrons based on take-off angle and energy. Our Axial detector further enhances efficiency in signal collection, capturing secondary electrons at any landing voltage.


Take Advantage of Integrated Raman Spectroscopy for Your Battery Materials Analysis

Experience the synergy of Raman spectroscopy and SEM techniques, unlocking new insights to and understanding of intercalation processes within battery electrodes through correlative analysis.

Utilizing Raman spectroscopy alongside SEM imaging delivers a holistic view of phase changes within cycled battery materials, eliminating the need for sample transfer and preventing exposure of sensitive materials to ambient conditions.

Download our Raman Spectroscopy Technical Note

Collect All Ultra High-Resolution Imaging and Materials Characterization Data Effortlessly with UHR SEM

Instantly obtain high-resolution images without prior experience in microscope adjustments. Benefit from real-time adjustments of contrast and brightness in the live SEM image, immediate automated focus and stigmatism adjustment, and automated beam alignment for frequently used imaging conditions. TESCAN's high-speed In-Flight™ Controls ensure exceptional user comfort, effortless operation and unmatched ease-of-use.

At the same time, take advantage of TESCAN’s new benchmark in navigation with its industry-leading TESCAN Wide Field Optics™. Wide Field mode, available as a standard feature, delivers an unparalleled navigation experience by showcasing a broad, undistorted field of view directly in the live SEM window once the sample is mounted. Dive into a fluid and immersive navigation journey, reaching your desired area of interest swiftly.

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