Non-destructive Analysis
of Batteries and Modules
for Three-Dimensional

Quality Control and Defect Detection at Every Stage of Battery Development​ with Micro-CT

TESCAN micro-CT solutions offer advanced capabilities for inspecting batteries from single electrode layers to cell and module levels. With micro-CT, critical quality parameters such as anode overhang, electrode alignment, and porosity can be assessed without compromising battery integrity.

Leveraging TESCAN's Volume-of-Interest scanning (VOIs™) workflow, defects in larger samples can be precisely located, followed by automatic zooming into areas of interest. Micro-CT serves as the ideal initial step in TESCAN's battery workflow, facilitating the localization of zones for further analysis.

Download Our Application Note about Analysis of Battery Anode Overhangs

Non-Destructive Analysis of Assembled Batteries at Real-World Scale from Millimeters to Centimeters

Our high-power X-ray sources, with an accelerating voltage of up to 230 kV, combined with large-area flat panel detectors and a fully customizable scanning setup, empower comprehensive scanning of a wide range of battery samples using a single micro-CT device.

The TESCAN UniTOM HR delivers sub-micron imaging for smaller samples or components, while the TESCAN UniTOM XL excels at scanning large prismatic cells in metal casings. All TESCAN micro-CT systems offer unmatched flexibility to handle any sample, from small to large.

In-Device Battery Analysis with Micro-CT

The non-destructive 3D characterization capabilities of micro-CT present unique opportunities to study batteries within the devices they power. Completed cylindrical or pouch cells can be analyzed inside cell phones, wearable devices, or other electronics.

Utilizing VOIs™, it becomes possible to zoom into areas of interest identified by fast overview scans of the sample. Through optimized acquisition and corrections in the reconstruction software, artifacts can be eliminated, ensuring excellent image quality even for challenging applications.

To maximize resolution in large flat devices like smartphones, all TESCAN micro-CT devices offer innovative imaging regimes. Recent hardware advancements have led to the development of TESCAN’s unique SPECTRAL CT, which enables acquisition of combined structural, elemental, and compositional information from any point within a sample.

Download the Application Note on (Spectral) CT Analysis of Electronics
Defect identification in cell phone pouch lithium-ion battery

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