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Looking for ways to effortlessly and efficiently maximize the potential of your nanoscale battery research? Meet TESCAN CLARA, the UHR SEM that ensures unparalleled imaging quality — free from electrostatic interactions and optical aberrations — at low beam energies with our BrightBeam™ SEM column. 

Bid farewell to sample biasing and magnetic field exposure, courtesy of our advanced tube design. Navigate samples effortlessly with the dual objective lens configuration and Intermediate Lens that together provide a wide field-of-view. Take advantage of the widest range of detectors for topographical and compositional contrast, including energy-filtering capabilities, to gain maximum topographic and compositional insights from your battery materials. 


Key Features of TESCAN CLARA for your Battery Research

High Level
of Automation

Mask Group 2

Maximize instrument time for efficient analyses. 

Ultra High

Mask Group 3

Capture the finest details with remarkable clarity.


Mask Group 6

Accommodate diverse sample sizes with ease.

High Sample

Mask Group 5

Save time without compromising data quality.

to Use

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Simplify your research process with user-friendly controls.

Experience the Benefits of TESCAN CLARA

Powered by a robust multidetector system that selectively collects electrons based on angle and energy, TESCAN CLARA UHR SEM will elevate your research potential to new heights. 

  • Support Quality Control:
    Characterize electrode particle properties using SEM imaging. 
  • Study Electrode Particle Degradation:
    Utilize high-resolution SEM imaging with STEM capabilities and correlate with chemical mapping from Raman spectroscopy. 
  • Identify Chemical Contaminants:
    Detect and analyze electrode contaminants using EDS.
  • Analyze Porosity and Interconnectivity:
    Gain insights into electrodes and/or separators using SE/BSE detection for topographical and material contrast. 
  • Evaluate Electrode Cracking: Perform detailed or large-scale SEM imaging of battery cell cross sections. 
  • Protect Air-Sensitive Samples: Preserve samples from air or moisture using inert gas transfer. 

In this webinar, we show how TESCAN CLARA UHR SEM can address main characterization challenges at the nanoscale. We demonstrate how the TESCAN CLARA can be employed to solve different cases for materials research and battery research. Also, we summarize how the novel features of the TESCAN CLARA UHR SEM can be used to deliver required data quickly and effortlessly by anybody.

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