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Unveiling the Secrets of Porous Media: TESCAN at Interpore 2024

TESCAN is thrilled to be a leading presence at Interpore 2024 (May 13-16, Qingdao, China), the premier conference dedicated to porous media research. 

Micro-CT: Your Key to Unlocking Porous Media Secrets interpore 2024

Porous media, with its intricate networks of pores and channels, plays a vital role in various fields. TESCAN's micro-CT systems offer unparalleled capabilities for non-destructively analysing these materials, empowering researchers to gain deeper insights into their structure, composition, and behaviour. 

TESCAN Micro-CT Advantages: 

  • Unparalleled Versatility:Image a wide range of samples with exceptional precision using our Volume of Interest Scanning workflow, facilitating multi-scale research. 
  • Unmatched Speed:Maximize sample throughput with industry-leading fast automated scanning. 
  • True 4D Imaging:Explore dynamic processes with continuous data acquisition and dedicated 4D tools. 

Join Us at Interpore 2024 (Booth #8): 

  • Explore how our micro-CT solutions can revolutionize your research. 
  • Discover innovative technology and applications. 
  • Meet our experts and ask questions. 

Don't Miss Our Presentations: 

  • New Insights into Battery Behavior:See how dynamic micro-CT sheds light on battery electrolytes during cycling and heating. Presented by Jan Dewanckele  
  • Spectral micro-CT imaging of soil:Learn how this technique retrieves atomic information and density maps. Presented by Marijn Boone 

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