The first micro-CT system to provide sub-micron spatial resolution and high temporal resolution dynamic CT in a single, highly versatile system.


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Characterize Your Materials with High Spatial Resolution

With line pair spatial resolution at <600 nm, TESCAN UniTOM HR reveals the smallest details in your samples. The nano-focus x-ray source and multiple detector options ensure that both resolution and contrast can be optimized for any sample in materials science, geosciences, life sciences or semiconductors.



Spatial resolution meets temporal resolution

As pioneers in dynamic micro-CT, TESCAN has been pushing the limits of temporal resolution for lab-based micro-CT down to seconds, enabling true dynamic imaging experiments to provide unique insights to engineers and scientists. Building on that expertise, the TESCAN UniTOM HR is the first dynamic micro-CT system to offer a sub-micron spatial resolution, without compromising on temporal resolution and in-situ capabilities.


Spatial resolution down to 600 nm

A state-of-the-art nano-focus x-ray source, precision stages, and high-quality detectors work together to deliver sub-micron resolution imaging.

Perform true 4D imaging with Dynamic CT

High temporal resolution, continuous and uninterrupted scanning, and specialized 4D software tools bring synchrotron-like capabilities to the lab

Implement 3D in situ experiments

Continuous sample rotation and scanning enable uninterrupted in situ experiments. Dedicated “no-cable-wrap” interfaces simplify experiment set-up


Perform true 4D imaging with Dynamic CT

High temporal resolution, continuous and uninterrupted scanning, and specialized 4D software tools bring synchrotron-like capabilities to the lab

Accommodate a broad range of samples

UniTOM HR’s high power source (50W), multiple detector options (up to 3) and heavy load stage (45 kg) accommodates samples up to 500 mm diameter X 700 mm high.

Maximize system utilization and throughput

A fast frame rate detector and a high flux x-ray source combine for high temporal resolution tomography giving you the ability to scan more samples and accommodate more users.


Test Your Material with High Temporal Resolution

Continuous, uninterrupted rotation, fast detectors and a powerful x-ray source allow the imaging of dynamic processes (events) at temporal resolutions down to 5 seconds for a single, full 360-degree rotation. TESCAN´s AquilaTM and PantheraTM software utilities control and monitor acquisition, reconstruction and visualization throughout the entire experiment so that no event will be missed.

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Dynamic analysis of detergent foam bubbles at 9 seconds temporal resolution and 4 µm spatial resolution.


Multiscale Attributes

With a maximum sample size of 70 by 50 cm (h x ø) and a maximum imaging envelope of 40 by 32 cm, TESCAN UniTOM HR covers a wide range of sample sizes and types. Combined with Volume Of Interest Scanning (VOIS) capabilities, TESCAN UniTOM HR is a multi-scale imaging CT solution.



In situ Attributes

TESCAN UniTOM HR incorporates many utilities of our turn-key complex in-situ Dynamic micro-CT solution, TESCAN DynaTOM. These include the optional in situ connection interface panel that provides access to in situ rigs from outside of the system and slip-ring technology to avoid cable wrap.



A Portfolio of TESCAN Dynamic micro-CT Solutions

Is micro-scale non-destructive, 3D imaging compromised without meaningful temporal resolution capabilities? At TESCAN, we passionately believe it is. Consequently, all TESCAN micro-CT solutions are optimized for the highest possible temporal resolution capabilities. This, combined with either optimized spatial resolution, multiscale, or complex in-situ attributes, means that TESCAN brings dynamic CT capabilities to your lab without you having to compromise on any of the other, more traditional micro-CT attributes.

Meet Prof. Martine Wevers and Dr. Jeroen Soete of KU Leuven. They share how Dynamic micro-CT is indispensable for materials engineering and more.

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