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We had an incredible time in Manchester two weeks ago! The MMC 2023, organized every two years by the Royal Microscopy Society, has surpassed our expectations and proven to be more than just a "British thing." Our booth was bustling with visitors from...

The TESCAN TENSOR launch in 2022 was a huge success and it seems like a very distant memory now. However, TESCAN is heading to the US this month for the Microscopy & Microanalysis (M&M) show, and we can’t wait to see all of our colleagues and customers...

TENSOR Summer 2023 is an exciting time! The TENSOR Team is traveling around the world to engage the professional community and exploring the potential of 4D-STEM. Our live events provide an excellent opportunity to experience TENSOR demos and have...

What if you could see how the grain structure of your key layers vary with annealing?  

Or with different processing conditions?

And how do grain structure and orientation correlate to compositional variation and segregation?

Wouldn’t it be...

STEM analysis is evolving thanks to TENSOR's operating system, Explore. Automated and pre-set experiments facilitate a steep learning curve of novice users and deliver user convenience for those who are more experienced.  

What if the speed of a direct detector was not limited by other microscope subsystems?

What if synchronization of all different modules needed for 4D-STEM was done only from one interface?