Non-destructive chemical information  from any point inside a sample 


A new dimension to micro-CT


SPECTRAL CT provides contrast where conventional micro-CT cannot, and reveals information on a sample's composition by looking at the entire x-ray spectrum used to image a sample. 

SPECTRAL CT reveals this chemical information at any point inside a sample in a non-destructive manner, and combines it with high quality,structural information on the same sample. 

For the first time in a commercial micro-CT system, we can acquire chemical data, such as identification of precious metals for mining and recycling, differentiate between different polymers in engineered samples, or optimize contrast in biological samples. 



x-ray spectrum

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SPECTRAL information on top of the amazing image quality of the TESCAN UniTOM XL


TESCAN SPECTRAL CT is an add-on to the TESCAN UniTOM XL, TESCAN's large-volume, versatile, multi-scale micro-CT system. Adding SPECTRAL CT does not impose any compromises on conventional CT imaging, and all standard functions of the TESCAN UniTOM XL remain available.

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SPECTRAL Suite - Powerful analytical tools for spectral data


TESCAN SPECTRAL suite exposes the power of PolyDET II, providing tools for acquisition, reconstruction and analysis of spectral data. Through direct communication with AcquilaTM, TESCAN's micro-CT control software, data can be acquired at any point inside the sample using an intuitive VOI scanning workflow. 

Reconstructed spectra can be visualized, analyzed and compared, allowing for advanced analytical tools such as multi-energy CT, k-edge detection or extracting atomic-number charts. 




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TESCAN UniTOM XL Spectral at the University of Pau


The first installation of a TESCAN UniTOM XL Spectral has been performed at the University of Pau (France). Prof. Dr. Peter Moonen uses the system for multi-modal characterization of rocks and metals and is amazed by the capabilities of the TESCAN UniTOM XL. Combining conventional and micro-CT imaging enables a whole range of novel applications for energy and mining applications.

Spectral CT_Uni Pau_Team

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