FIB Cross-Sectioning with
TESCAN Rocking Stage

Achieve Artifact-Free FIB Cross-Sectioning and Precise SEM End-Pointing for Challenging Samples

Key Benefits of TESCAN Rocking Stage

Fixed angle polishing vs rocking polishing. Rocking polishing delivers effective removal of curtaining artefacts.

Curtaining Artifacts Being Gone


Eliminate FIB-induced curtaining artifacts caused by preferential milling rates, surface topography, or internal sample geometry for improved imaging results.

Precision at Your Fingertips


Achieve accurate end-pointing at your region of interest with SEM live monitoring throughout the milling and tilting process.

Boost Your Sample Preparation Efficiency

Component 12 – 2

Maximize throughput with the TESCAN Rocking Stage set-up wizard, automating rocking procedures and positions.

Adapt to Complex Samples


Enhance final sample quality for failure analysis of semiconductor devices or advanced materials with artifact-free FIB cross-sectioning and cross-section polishing.

Versatility Meets Compatibility


Benefit from the new design featuring full compatibility with load locks, Beam Deceleration Mode (BDM), and the RSTEM detector, without sacrificing system versatility.

Advanced Applications for TESCAN Rocking Stage

Surface quality before and after using TESCAN Rocking stage. Final result shows no obscuring artefacts.

Master the Art of Failure

Improve the final sample quality in failure analysis of semiconductor devices or advanced materials by leveraging the TESCAN Rocking Stage's artifact-free FIB cross-sectioning capabilities.

3D volume reconstruction of 3D EBSD analysis of solder ball done with TESCAN SOLARIS X.

Perfect Your

Enhance FIB-SEM tomography acquisition by minimizing curtaining artifacts and achieving pristine imaging results with the TESCAN Rocking Stage.

400 µm wide Plasma FIB cross section through passivation and polyimide layers to examine RDL layers.

Handle Large and Flat Samples with Ease

Manage an extensive array of samples and facilitates your study of a diverse sample range with the versatile design of TESCAN Rocking Stage.

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