TESCAN Large Volume Workflow

Combining FIB Milling and Laser Ablation for In-Depth Analysis

Efficiently Examine Millimeter-Scale Samples with the Synergy of Plasma FIB-SEM and Laser Ablation

Key Benefits of TESCAN Large Volume Workflow

Unmatched analytical capabilities


Harness the power of TESCAN's industry-proven Plasma FIB-SEM and versatile micromachining laser system for a wide array of microstructural diagnostic techniques.

Sample preparation on a cubic mm scale


Efficiently prepare large volume samples or deep cross sections, quickly and without Ga implantation.

Deep insights into challenging samples


Access deeply buried ROIs quickly and effortlessly, even in non-conductive hard materials, with the accelerated material removal rates of our laser and Plasma FIB combination.




Obtain pristine cross sections for ultra-high-resolution imaging using a superior surface polishing technique for access to the finest details across the entire cross section.



Component 12 – 2

Minimize both time-to-sample and cost-per-sample with technologies specifically designed for large volume material removal.

User-friendly interface and workflows


Enhance productivity with our intuitive software, enabling seamless operation of both Plasma FIB-SEM and laser ablation systems.

Discover Large Volume Workflow.

Accelerate mm-scale Semiconductor Failure Analysis with TESCAN Large Volume Workflow

4mm cut through 7 x Ø500 μm solder balls, accomplished in 20 minutes via laser ablation.

Take Advantage of Comprehensive Failure Analysis

Efficiently cross-section millimeter-scale package level samples (3D ICs, TSVs, solder balls, flip-chips, etc.) for in-depth failure analysis.

Microsample cut-out featuring solder bump, pad, and part of PCB for high-res micro CT analysis.

Prepare Samples for Advanced Applications

Prepare chunk samples for high-resolution micro-CT analysis, atom probe tomography, and tensile or compression testing.

0.5mm lamella chunk from IC-sample prepared by laser ablation, cleaned with CO2 snow jet.

Accommodate Free-Form Sample Geometry

Achieve micrometer-precision, free-form sample preparation for specific geometries: in-plane TEM investigations, H-bars for FIB cross-sectional analyses, or complex 3D-shaped samples.

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