a Plasma FIB-SEM

Improve Package Level Failure Analysis with our Advanced Platform for Deep Sectioning and the Highest Resolution End-Pointing

Key benefits of TESCAN Plasma FIB-SEM

Purpose-Driven Performance



Accelerate efficient physical failure analysis with the rapid material removal capabilities of the Xe Plasma FIB beam.

Deep Sample


Component 12 – 2


Reach buried structures up to 1 mm in depth using a maximum ion beam current of 3 μA.

Precision at the Nanoscale



Achieve nanometer-precision end-pointing during milling or cross-sectioning with the high-resolution imaging of the Triglav™ SEM column.

Excellent surface sensitivity and high material contrast


Conduct ultra-high-resolution imaging on beam-sensitive materials using TESCAN's Triglav™ SEM column, designed for superb surface sensitivity and material contrast.

Pristine Sample Preservation


Prepare high-quality, damage-free TEM samples with the inert Xe ions of the Plasma FIB beam, eliminating Ga implantation or surface damage.




Create artefact-free cross sections, even on challenging composite materials, with our patented Rocking Stage for alternating milling angles and TRUE X-sectioning to utilize the most efficient center of the ion beam at highest currents.




Boost productivity for all users with advanced workflows in TESCAN's Essence™ graphical user interface.

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TESCAN SOLARIS X for Semiconductor Packaging Failure Analysis

Dive deep into TESCAN Plasma FIB-SEM

Learn How to Prepare Extra-Large-Area Cross Sections in OLED Displays with TESCAN SOLARIS X

Chunk of 3D NAND memory device lifted out and attached to the TEM grid.

Unravel Complex Failures: Analyzing Next-Gen IC Packages & Devices

Perform Physical Failure Analysis of advanced stacked IC packages (2.5D, 3D IC), flip-chips, MEMS devices, OLED and TFT displays, MLCC capacitors, 3D NANDs, and many more.

3D EDS reconstruction of bump-TSV stacks from ~800 slices prepared by Plasma FIB-SEM.

Unveil Material Secrets: In-Depth 3D EDS & EBSD Microanalysis

Employ fast large-volume 3D EDS and 3D EBSD microanalysis of advanced packaging devices such as solder balls, TSVs, and bond pads for in-depth material composition analysis and characterization.

Lifted prefabricated silicon mask on nanomanipulator in TESCAN TrueX-Sectioning workflow.

Uncover sub-surface features: Crafting Ga-Free TEM Lamellae for STEM Analysis

Produce precision, high-quality, Ga-free TEM lamellae under 100 nm in thickness from package and IC-level samples for subsequent STEM analysis.

Boost your analyses with our solutions

TESCAN Rocking Stage

Sample on TESCAN Rocking stage at beams coincidence point for precise Plasma FIB polishing.

Achieve Artifact-Free FIB Cross-Sectioning and Precise SEM End-Pointing for Challenging Samples.

TESCAN True X-Sectioning

Various sizes of prefabricated silicon masks in TESCAN TrueX-Sectioning workflow.

Save time with ripple-free plasma FIB cross-sectioning that doesn't compromise high beam current.

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