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Webinar Announcement: Unveiling the Power of TESCAN Spectral 2.0

TESCAN has been at the vanguard of spectral CT technology, continuously improving both hardware and software. Over the past year, we have explored new ways to provide elemental and compositional information that compliments the high-quality structural information of conventional CT. 

Our ceaseless R&D efforts have culminated in the release of the TESCAN Spectral Suite, which we will be presenting in a Webinar on 9th of April. 

Join our webinar, led by Product Marketing Manager Marijn Boone, PhD to discover how TESCAN Spectral 2.0 can transform your research in various fields in academia as well as in industry applications.

This webinar will cover:

  • The capabilities of TESCAN Spectral 2.0
  • Real-world applications across various fields
  • How to leverage this technology to elevate your research


  • Ask all your questions during the live Q&A session.


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Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of Spectral CT with the guidance of a leading expert!