A Deep Dive into Large Scale Xe PFIB/SEM Analysis of Shale

TESCAN-Analysis of Shale-Webinar-v014Tired of wrestling with limitations in large sample analysis?  We get it. The milling rate of traditional Ga+ FIB-SEM is not sufficient for today’s challenges in materials science. But what if you could unlock nanometer-resolution insights across millimeters of rock?

Join our upcoming webinar where we'll peel back the layers on innovative Xe PFIB/SEM technology and its power to transform your analysis at the mm-scale.

Webinar Title: “Large Scale Xe PFIB/SEM Analysis of Shale: Nanometer Resolution Across Millimeters of Rock”

Date & Time: June 13th, 2024, 9 a.m. & 5 p.m. CEST

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Here's what awaits you:

  • Crack the code on shale's complexity: We'll unveil the challenges of analyzing this intricate, heterogeneous rock and why traditional Ga+ FIB-SEM falls short.
  • Meet your new hero: Xe Plasma FIB: Discover how this innovative technique removes large material volumes in a fraction of the time, giving you the freedom you need.
  • Master the art of shale prep: Delve into the secrets of preparing millimeter-sized cross-sections and conquer site-specific rock analysis.

When comparing results with traditionally polished samples, the power of Xe PFIB/SEM becomes evident immediately. We warmly invite you to join this live demonstration on how these techniques are shaping the future of materials science, manufacturing, and geology.

Learn from Annalena Wolff (AXT Pty Ltd, Sydney, AUT).

Do not miss the chance to level up your research capabilities. Secure your spot today and join us on this exciting journey


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