The world's first dynamic micro-CT for in-situ experimental needs.


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DynaTOM is the world’s first and only laboratory micro-CT system dedicated for your most demanding time-lapse, in situ and dynamic experiments. Time-lapse imaging to non-destructively study the 4D evolution of materials and samples in their real-world environments has been a major motivation for X-ray tomography
for decades.

Where conventional microCT designs have fallen short, TESCAN has risen to meet this challenge with DynaTOM: a micro-CT imaging platform dedicated to enabling new science and applications through dynamic tomography.


Validate simulations through complex 3Din situ experiments

A horizontally rotating source and detector allow complex in situ apparatus to be used without cable management issues. Dedicated in situ interfaces simplify the swapping of different experiments.

Perform uninterrupted temporally resolved true4D imaging with dynamic CT

Continuous rotation of the source and detector enables uninterrupted data collection. A high frame rate detector and an industrial gantry enables very high scan rates, < 10-second temporal resolution.

Gain insights to the experiment as it is happening

Reconstruction during the experiment reduces the number of iterations for a successful test. Unique temporal reconstruction techniques allow users to fully utilize the uninterrupted data achievable through dynamic CT.


Perform true 4D imaging with Dynamic CT

High temporal resolution, continuous and uninterrupted scanning, and specialized 4D software tools bring synchrotron-like capabilities to the lab

Uninterrupted tensile and compression studiesof structural alloys and composite materials

Multi-phase fluid flow in porous media

Crack propagation and fracture mechanics in engineered materials, geological samples, and more

Hydration studies in porous materials, from geoscience to consumer products

Crystal growth and mineralization
in geomaterials and construction materials

Freezing, melting, and heating cycles in food science applications



A temporal resolution per rotation of 7.5 seconds enables such fast events to be captured (at 12.5-micron voxel size), and DynaTOM’s unique gantry-based design facilitates the application of complex flow rigs and fluid lines without risk of entanglement during continuous acquisition.

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  • Imaging of Delicate Samples
  • Gantry Based Design
  • Continuous Scanning
  • High Throughput
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A Portfolio of TESCAN Dynamic micro-CT Solutions

Is micro-scale non-destructive, 3D imaging compromised without meaningful temporal resolution capabilities? At TESCAN, we passionately believe it is. Consequently, all TESCAN micro-CT solutions are optimized for the highest possible temporal resolution capabilities. This, combined with either optimized spatial resolution, multiscale, or complex in-situ attributes, means that TESCAN brings dynamic CT capabilities to your lab without you having to compromise on any of the other, more traditional micro-CT attributes.

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Meet Prof. Martine Wevers and Dr. Jeroen Soete of KU Leuven. They share how Dynamic micro-CT is indispensable for materials engineering and more.

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