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SPECTRAL CT revolutionizes micro-CT imaging

Having over a decade-long hands-on experience with micro-CT, scanned hundreds of samples and being amazed by new findings of their internal...

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Figure 3: High-resolution scan of a solder ball from a ball grid array with size analysis of defects. 650 nm voxel size was achieved in 50 minutes scan time.

Micro-CT essentials: How do you determine spatial resolution?

In this blog series, dr. Wesley De Boever, micro-CT product marketing manager at TESCAN introduces the fundamental principles of micro-CT. And there...

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Introduction to Micro CT

Tescan is a 30-year-old company. Tescan has primarily developed systems in the SEM and FIB-SEM arena. The MicroCT addition to the TESCAN lineup comes...

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Watch: TESCAN Dynamic microCT

Learn the basics of microCT and dynamic image capture for dynamic process views in the laboratory.

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